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Filmmaking 360-Degree Videos

Filmmaking 360-Degree Videos

Above are various 360-degree videos of parts of filmmaking workshops, tutorials and film sets.
Navigate them manually by:
  • using a smartphone on the YouTube app (the preferred viewing platform) and dragging it with your finger or moving the device around (if it has a internal gyroscope)
  • on a computer using a mouse or keypad
  • through a VR headset (via logging into the YouTube app and selecting the google cardboard logo similar to the one above)
If the resolution appears low please select 'Settings' in the bottom right of the video and select the highest option available.
As well as moving left, right, up and down, you can zoom in and out using a mouse or double-tapping the device screen.
Some videos contain ambisonic spatial sound for a more immersive experience.
If you suffer with dizziness or vertigo please be weary viewing the videos due to their navigational properties.

360-degree videos of filmmaking by section